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Session 1 - Total Ankle Replacement (SS) 9:00AM - Noon
Program Chair: Sorin Siegler, PhD (Drexel University)
Co-moderator: Robin Queen, PhD (Virginia Tech)

9AM          Kieth Wapner, MD (Invited Lecture)


9:20AM     Imsdahl, Sheri (037)            

                  Anteroposterior Translational Malalignment of Ankle Arthrodesis in Cadaveric Gait Simulation  


9:30AM     Belvedere, Claudio (004)

                   Experimental evaluation of custom-made morphological approximations of the ankle articular surfaces


9:40AM     Leardini, Alberto (042)         

                  Flexibility in the ankle joint after implantation of custom-made artificial articular surfaces


9:50AM     Sturnick, Daniel R. (088)        

                   Influence of tibial component position on altered kinematics following total ankle arthroplasty during simulated gait

10:00AM    Saito, Guilherme H (078)

                   Differences in gait mechanics after total ankle arthroplasty and ankle arthrodesis

10:10AM     Kraszewski, Andrew (102)

Differences in Mechanics During Stair Ascent After Ankle Arthrodesis and Total Ankle Arthroplasty

10:20AM    Seo, Hansol (081)               

                   Characterization of Ankle Joint Motions Patterns for Main Twelve Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) of Elderly

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