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Session 6: Tendonopathies and Ligament Injuries
Co-moderators: Irene Davis, PT, PhD (Spaulding Rehab, Harvard University), 
and Don Goss, PT, PhD (Keller Army Hospital and USMA)

5PM           Abdeen, Rawan (001)

                   Structural Characteristic of Selected Ankle Structures in Healthy and Chronic Ankle Instability

5:10PM       Eerdekens, Maarten (023)

Multi-segment Foot Kinetics in Chronic Ankle Instability & Healthy Subjects During Barefoot Running with Rearfoot striking Pattern


5:20PM      Mettler, Jeff H. (054)

                   Effects of Speed, Grade, and Shoe Stiffness on Plantar Fascia Strain During Walking


5:30PM      Netto, Cesar de Cesar V (060)

Histological & biomechanical study of tendinopathy induced by serial injections of collagenase: a new experimental model in the Achilles tendon of rabbits.

5:40PM      Teoh, Jee Chin (090)

                    The influence of prolonged weight bearing physical activities on plantar tissue behavior

5:50PM      Ward, Erin D. (095)

                    The Effects of Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction on Foot Function

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