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Session 15: Sports Injuries
Co-moderators: Joseph Hamill, PhD (University of Massachusetts) and 
Robert Turner, PT, DPT (HSS)

1:30PM       Arnold, John (002)

Development and evaluation of the Running Shoe Comfort Assessment Tool (RUN-CAT)

1:40PM       Becker, James (003)

Metatarsal Loading In Runners Who Habitually Use Rearfoot or Mid/Forefoot Strikes

1:50PM       Bruening, Dustin A. (008)

Foot Mechanics in Drop Landings

2:00PM      Casillas, Christopher (014)

Relationship Between Arch Height and Metatarsal Loading in Runners

2:10PM       Deeble, John (018)

Mechanical analysis of barefoot and shod treadmill running using a smartphone application

2:20PM      Henderson, Adrienne (033)

Midfoot Angle Changes During Running After an 8-Week Intervention Program

2:30PM       Houston, Megan (036)

Association Between Concussion and Ankle Sprain History in Collegiate Athletes

2:40PM      Johnson, Wayne (038)

The differences in time to stability, foot muscle size and toe flexor strength between gymnast, cheerleaders and non-athletes

2:50PM       Wearing, Scott C. (096)

Do Achilles Tendon Properties differ with Habitual Foot–strike Running Patterns?

3:00PM       Matias, Alessandra B.  (050)

Foot kinematics of forefoot and rearfoot strikers on recreational runners using the Rizzoli’s foot model

3:10PM       Veloso, Antonia (103)

Joint moment contributions to forward and upward acceleration of body CG are affected by the foot to ground contact model 

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