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Session 12: Posters
Co-Moderators: Irene Davis, PT, PhD (Spaulding Rehab; Harvard) and
Rajshree Hillstrom, PhD, MBA (Anglia Ruskin University)

Roberts, Lauren (073)

Ankle Fusion Percutaneous Home Run Screw Fixation: technical aspects and soft tissue structures at risk

Roberts, Lauren (076)

Intraoperative Syndesmotic Instability Test: An Alternative Technique

Roberts, Lauren (074)

Accuracy of Transarticular Lateral Soft Tissue Release of the 1st Metatarsophalangeal Joint – A Cadaver Study


Siegler, Sorin (083)

Validation of a Subject-specific Computational Models of the Ankle Joint Complex

Sturnick, Daniel R. (087)

The Function Axis of Rotation of the Ankle Joint during Simulated Gait


Hatton, Anna L (032)

Textured shoe insoles to improve balance & walking in adults with diabetic peripheral neuropathy: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial


Marc, Janin (047)

Foot Orthoses reduce repercussions of Ns4 Noxious stimulus.

Marc, Janin (048)

Foot Function & Sensorimotor Orthoses of Ns4 Noxious stimulus

Breard, Thomas (006)

Posturodynamic-6 Perform Sport relate influences performance and competitiveness in sports

McClymont, Juliet (052) 

The magnitude and spatial distribution of variability in plantar pressure at a wide range of walking speeds


Oakman, Joyann (064) 

Reliability of New Forefoot-Rearfoot Measurement

Phillips, Robert D. (068)

Comparison ofTorsional Stiffness of Orthotics Made from Two Different Materials— A Pilot Study

Telfer, Scott (089) 

The Effect of Age and Disease on Regional Plantar Loading: A Systematic Review and Meta Regression Analysis

Turner, Robert (093)

Finding the Kinematic Driver1

Lysdal, Filip Gertz  (044)

Biomechanics of a Lateral Ankle Sprain – and the Effect of a Minimized Lateral Shoe-Surface Friction

Chicoine, Dominic (016) 

Customized foot orthoses in the treatment of posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction

Tulchin-Francis, Kirsten (091)

Plantar pressures in patients with symptomatic flexible flatfoot: How are they different than adolescents with asymptomatic flatfoot?

Giacomozzi, Claudia (028)

Testing Muscle Activation and In-shoe Foot Loading Under Repeatable Conditions: A Stepper-based Approach

Franzese, Richard C. (099)

Velocity and Footwear Effects on Foot-strike Angle during Running

Franzese, Richard C. (026)

Velocity, footwear, and foot-strike angle effects on lower-leg muscle activity during running

Freedman, Happy (027)

Intro to bike road fitting

Greene, Andrew J. (030)

Are you experienced yet?

Mahaffey, Ryan (045)

Effects of acute fatigue of the lower limb on running mechanics

Parker, Winton (066)

Load-limiting Sports Shoe Sole to Reduce Injuries

Netto, Cesar de Cesar (061)

Percutaneous Posterior to Anterior Screw Fixation of the Talar Neck: Soft Tissue Structures at Risk

Roney, Andrew R. (077)

Knee Adduction Moments Associated with Knee Osteoarthritis are Increased by Medial Arch Supports

Cha, Seungwoo   (101)

Weight bearing with standing position for tibiofibular clear space measurement ; using 3D US 

Naemi, Roozbeh (057)

An explanatory model of risk factors for foot ulcers in patients with diabetes



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