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Session 3: Pediatric Foot (SS)
Chair: Carina Price, PhD   Reserach Fellow, School of Health Sciences, University of Salford Manchester
Co-Moderators:  Dieter Rosenbaum, PhD   (Clinical Research & Services, Otto Bock) and
Russel Volpe, DPM (NYCPM)

1:30PM        Karen Adolph, PhD (invited)


2:00PM       Caravaggi, Paolo (012)

                    Postural and kinematic alterations in the paediatric asymptomatic plano-valgus foot joints


2:10PM        Chard, Angus (015) 

                    Effect of thong style flip-flops and supportive shoes on children’s midfoot joint power during the propulsive phase of walking


2:20PM       Evans , Angela M. (024)

                    Paediatric Flatfeet – Identifying the Boomerangs 


2:30PM       Holmes, Sarah J. (035)

                    Impact of multilevel joint contractures of the hips, knees and ankles on the Gait Profile Score in children with cerebral palsy


2:40PM       McClymont , Juliet (053) 

                    Average peak plantar pressure and variability in foot contact morphology (area) during two dynamic locomotor tasks in infants


2:50PM       Tulchin-Francis, Kirsten (092)

                    Quantifying Pediatric Foot Deformities using Multi-Segment Foot Kinematics & Pedobarograph

3:00PM       Amene, Juliet (106)

                    Kinematic Foot Types of Planovalgus Feet in Children with Cerbral Palsy

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