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Session 2: Neuropathy and Motor Control

Co-moderators: Sicco Bus, PhD (University of Amsterdam) and

Paolo Caravaggio, PhD (Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli)


11:00AM       Bus, Sicco A. 010

                     Plantar pressures, footwear adherence and ulcer recurrence in patients with diabetes and a Charcot midfoot deformity


11:10AM        Caravaggi, Paolo (013)

                     Multisegment foot kinematics and EMG analysis in the type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients


11:20AM       Guiotto, A.  (031)

                     Combined finite element modeling & musculoskeletal modeling can improve diabetic foot preventive management 


11:30AM       Marc, Janin (046)

                     Plantar System and Dysproprioception. Clinical evaluation of participation.


11:40AM       Needham, Robert (058 )

                     A. Coupling angle mapping to assess multi-segment foot coordination and coordination variability during gait


11:50AM       Reeves, Joanna (070)

                     What are the immediate effects of foot orthosis geometry on tibialis posterior EMG activity and foot biomechanics?

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