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Session 5: Military Biomechanics
Co-Moderators: Don Goss, PT, PhD, Kenneth Cameron, PhD,  and Michael Neary, DPM 
(Keller Army Hospital and the United States Military Academy)


3:50PM      Song, Jinsup (085)

                   Assessment of foot structure, flexibility and function in USMA cadets


4:00PM      Cameron, Kenneth (011)

                   Association between Foot Structure & Subsequent Lower-extremity & Ankle Injury in a Young and Active Military Population

4:10PM       Giangrande, Alessia (029) 

                   Effect of weight type and carrying mode on in-shoe plantar pressure magnitude and distribution

4:20PM      Clarke, Tim (098)

                   The effect of a 3-week functional hip strengthening programme on centre of pressure progression during barefoot walking


4:30PM       Miller, Erin (100)

                    Accuracy of self-reported foot strike patterns and running cadence


4:40PM       Szymane,Eliza B.  (108) 
                    Does Step Frequency Affect Running Injury Incidence:  An Observational Study with Average of 9 Month Follow Up
4:50PM       Helton, Gary L. (104)
                    Association Between Shoe Selection and Lower Extremity Injuries in United States Military Academy Cadets
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