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HSS Lab Tours - 9AM to 11AM

Meet in Wyndham New Yorker Lobby at 8:15AM Sunday 4/8/18 or

Leon Root, MD Motion Analysis Laboratory at 510 East 73rd St - 1st floor


1.  Cone Beam Weight-Bearing CT - Cesar De Cesar Netto, MD

2. Leon Root, MD Motion Analysis Laboratory - Howard Hillstrom, PhD & Mehnaz Shahid, MS

3. Bike Fitting - Happy Freedman

4. Shearwave Elastography - Ogonna Kenechi Nwaka, MD

5. High Fidelity Cadaveric Simulator - Daniel Sturnick, MS

6. HUNOVA by Movendo - Robert Turner, PT, DPT

7. MRI Center - Matthew Koff, PhD

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