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Session 13: Healthy Locomotion
Co-Moderators: William Ledoux, PhD (University of Washington; Seatle VA) and
Julie Stebbins, PhD (Oxford University)

9AM           Deschamps, Kevin (019)

Multi-segment foot joint kinetics associated to running with a rearfoot striking pattern

9:10AM       Noginova, Julia (063)

The Effects of Subtalar Axis Orientation on Kinematics and Kinetics During Walking and Running

9:20AM      Pongmala, Phapkaew (069)

Kinematic mechanisms controlling heel velocity in late swing in healthy human walking

9:30AM      Schallig, Wouter (079)

Kinematic comparison of multi-segment foot models in healthy adults

9:40AM      Shumway, Victoria V. (082)

Magnetic Resonance Assessment of Lower Leg Muscle Activation After Blood Flow Restricted Exercises: A Pilot Study

9:50AM      Zavatsky, Amy B. (097)

How do the hindfoot axes of a multi-segment foot model and the underlying bony anatomy compare?

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