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Session 11: Hallux Rigidus and Valgus
Co-moderators: Craig Payne, B. Pod (La Trobe University) and
Don Anderson, PhD (University of Iowa)

3PM            Netto, Cesar de Cesar (059)

First Tarsometatarsal Joint Shape and Orientation: Can We Trust in Our Radiographic Findings?


3:10PM        Dunbar, Julia L. (022)

Great Toe Adduction Decreases Blood Flow to Plantar Fascia: A Pilot Study


3:20PM       Hillstrom, Rajshree (034)

Effect of Plantar Fascia Stiffness upon First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Stress – A Biphasic Finite Element Study


3:30PM       Morgan, Oliver (056)

                    Cheilectomy and Moberg Osteotomy: A Biphasic Prediction of First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Stress


3:40PM       Kimura, Tadashi (040)

Evaluation of joint mobility around the cuneiform between hallux valgus & normal feet using 3D analysis system & weight-bearing CT

3:50PM       Volpert, Lauren G. (094)

Comparing First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Flexibility Measurements in Hallux Rigidus Patients Pre- and Post-Cheilectomy Using a Novel Flexibility Device

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