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Session 9: Foot Type II
Co-moderators: Taeyong Lee, PhD (Women's College, Busan, South Korea) and 
Howard Hillstrom, PhD (HSS)
11:00AM     Kruger, Karen M. (105)

                   Preliminary Comparison of Hindfoot Kinematics Obtained from the Milwaukee Foot Model and Biplane Fluoroscopy 

11:10AM       Lee, Yeokyeong (043)

The computational study of plantar soft tissue at heel region under weight-bearing condition

11:20AM      Martinez-Santos, A (049)

Identifying variables which may affect an individual’s response to insole design

11:30AM      McCahill, Jennifer (051) 

Validation of the Foot Profile Score

11:40AM      Moisan, Gabriel (055)

Muscle activation with two types of foot orthoses in participants with cavus feet during walking

11:50AM      Song, Jinsup (086)

Comparison of 3 casting methods for custom foot orthoses

12:00PM      Brierty, Alexis (007)

                      Transfer load strategies in typically developed children

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