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Session 7: Foot Type I
Co-moderators: Jinsup Song, PDM, PhD (TUSPM) and Robert Turner, PT, DPT (HSS)

9AM           Fields, Cheryl (025)

Foot Structure, Function, and Flexibility in MS Patients

9:10AM       Netto, Cesar de Cesar (062) 

Hindfoot Alignment in Stage II Adult-Acquired Flatfoot Deformity: Can Clinical Evaluation Predict Radiographic Measurements?

9:20AM      Krzak, Joseph J. (106)

Preliminary coronal hindfoot and forefoot kinematics among cavus, rectus and planus foot types.

9:30AM      Olsen, Mark T. (065)

Static Foot Structure May Predict Midfoot Mechanics

9:40PM       Ridge, Sarah T. (071)

Measurement of Foot Muscle Strength and Activation

9:50PM      Roberts, Lauren (075)

WBCT Hindfoot Alignment of Adult Acquired Flatfoot Deformity: A Comparison of Clinical Assessment and Weightbearing ConeBeam CT Examinations

10:00AM    Michael Rainbow, PhD  (109)

                   In Vivo Intrinsic Foot Bone Motion Measured with Bead Tracked Biplanar Videoradiography 

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