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Session 10: Ankle
Co-Moderators: Uwe Kersting, PhD (Albburg University) and Sorin Siegler, PhD (Drexel University)

2PM            Ding, Rui  (020)

Tibial Strain with and without the Fibula

2:10PM       Kersting, Uwe G. (039) 

Single-leg balance training – lifting ankle training beyond one single joint


2:20PM      Kurar, Langhit (041)

Ankle Fracture Management: A Unique Cross-Departmental Quality Improvement Project

2:30PM      Patel, Akshay (067)

Talocural manipulation effects walking speed in a young and older population

2:40PM      Schmitt, Daniel (080)           

                   The effect of ankle arthritis and total ankle arthroplasty on COP position at toe-off.

2:50PM      Siegler, Sorin (084)

Surface-to-surface Interaction at the Joints of the Ankle Complex and Foot in Varus and Valgus Deformities

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